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General Information

Past issues of the Journal can be found on this page. Issues fewer than 5 years old can be purchased by contacting the TAS Treasurer (


A list of archived copies of the Journal can be found here.


Logistical support for the preparation of PDFs of JTAS issues was provided by several people. First, the Department of English and Communications, Tennessee Technological University, especially Chairperson Homer Kemp and departmental staff members Linda Fisk and Amy Foster were involved in the digitization of many volumes. Student workers on this project included Brittany Godsey, James Freeman, Brandon Jelson, and Ruthe Wood.

Beginning in 2008, support has been provided by the Department of Biology, Austin Peay State University. This work includes digitization of many more journals as well as splitting past journals into files of individual articles. Student workers on this project included Waqas Ahmed, Ariana Jelson, Loren Carmichael and Cloe Sims.

Some PDFs were prepared came from the archival set of the journal in the custody of the Managing Editor as well as the Tennessee Technological University library. PDFs were also created from the collection of Dr. David Snyder of Austin Peay State University and the Austin Peay State University library.


We are working to migrate full-text articles from the old web site. In the process, we will add the Table of Contents for each issue and will split up the text into individual articles.

Please contact Gilbert Pitts to report any missing or inoperative links.

1937, Report of the Reelfoot Lake Biological Station, Volume 1